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nemon is a communication program. Running on a PC, it communicates with an embedded target system. A fast binary protocol is used. The main purpose is to provide an easy way to load a program into writeable memory of the target. With nemon, an arbitrary memory type of the target can be accessed. With nemon, you can:
Reading, writing and control of the target system is carried out by a small loader-monitor contained in write-protected memory. If another monitor is included in the application program, nemon can also be used during application program debugging.

When a target system with application code is started up, the application code gets control immediately. To download new application code, just connect to a PC and start nemon.

nemon, has a smart method to break execution of the application code and enter the monitor.

A monitor written in C is included. nemon consists of the program nemon, with ANSI C source code and documentation. The communication protocol is described, and some examples with source code included.

The communication between the PC program and the target system is via RS232 or RS485 multi-drop.

Download nemon