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proc Real-Time Kernel

Compact and efficient RTOS for embedded systems. Also for DOS. proc runs on several different architectures. Source included.

The Message Router, NMX Message Exchange is a supplementary module. Combined with proc, a distributed Real-Time system can easily be made.


nemon Boot and Debug Monitor

The typical user has a system with FLASH ROM. The FLASH includes a boot sector. nemon includes code for the boot sector and a DOS program for programming, reading, writing and debugging the system. The communication is carried out by RS232 or RS485. Complete source included.


nesos Finite State Machine Operating System

There is a reason why Finite State Machine Operating Systems are widely used in LARGE Telecom systems. Such systems can be specified in SDL (Specification and Description Language), a CCITT recommendation. It is possible to use the techniques of concurrent programming, with a very small overhead both in time and space. Complete source included.


Embedded Web Servers

Web Servers can provide user interface for embedded systems. Such things do not need to be heavy or expensive. It can be made simple and smart.